Waterfall Project Management

When you think of working on a project, you likely think of that project in terms of the Waterfall method. You come up with a concept, do some research, build a model, test it out, and put it into production. The whole thing is linear, simple, and makes sense, at least on the surface. The idea is that once your idea gets going, it continues through until brought to completion.

Waterfall’s linear nature fits nicely in any industry where change is difficult to implement once a project has begun. With software, your product is line upon line of computer code, but industries like construction and manufacturing find it exceedingly difficult to change details of projects once they have been physically put together.

At Gopler, we use different tools to implement Waterfall methodology, such as Jira, Redmine, dotProject, Mantis and Bugzilla. We are also flexible to use system that is recommended by the client.