Casino & Gambling

Gaming has expanded massively in the past decade. The online business is now worth USD 50B globally and expected to increase to over USD 60B by 2020, and drives 11% of total internet traffic. In the UK alone, gaming has grown by approximately 300% since legislation changed in 2014, reaching a total gross gambling yield of GBP 14.4B by 2018 and with over 2,800 operator licenses allocated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Technological improvements, especially around connectivity and accessibility, have enhanced the online gaming experience. We are seeing the first operators using virtual reality to create more realistic remote gaming. Most online casinos are likely to us  e machine learning to personalise each players experience. The industry is also using technological advances to include more players. Operators are increasingly gamifying the experience they provide, with point-collecting systems and ‘levelling up’, while adding content from pop culture that attracts fans who want more of their favourite characters and universes.

At Gopler, we concentrate our expertise in development of robust Back Office solutions, where you can manage players, payments, games and API integration, Affiliates integration. In terms of security, we adopt KY|C policies and other security checks, preventing illegal activities, such as money laundering. We develop front-side client interfaces to accommodate the platform and also specialize in white-labeling solutions.