E-Commerce & Retail

The initial mistrust of buying on the Internet has almost disappeared and e-commerce continues its growth unstoppable. The consolidation of the Internet and the increasing confidence of its users to carry out online transactions have led to the popularity of e-Commerce not stop rising. With the emergence of mobile technology, the way people interact and get information has shifted again. Whereas marketing would lead people to search a product through Google, or search at Amazon.com, now consumers see a product through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat), click on the image, video, link or content and go to the website of the merchant.

Since 2000, the growing adoption of the internet, rising from 52% of total population in 2000 to 89% in 2018, has really boosted e-commerce sales. The estimated e-commerce revenue of top 5 countries in 2018 are (Source: Statista, Roland Berger): USD 584B – China, USD 474B – USA, USD 105B – Japan, USD 103B – UK, USD 70B – Germany.With 62% of e-commerce traffic generated by Mobile in Q2 2018 (Salesforce Shopping Index), being mobile-friendly, having quick, usable and compelling content on smartphones is now mandatory to generate success. Today, one-in-five American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users (Pew Research).

Our development services, related to e-commerce and retail, are divided in two directions: custom platforms and 3rd party product setup. Off-the-shelf 3rd party solutions are most appropriate for emerging business or relatively straightforward shopping experience for any size. We work with Shopify, Magento and WeeCommerce to provide the necessary customization for your business. But when off-the-shelft e-commerce solutions are not appropriate for you, we develop full-featured custom solutions for best customer experience and Back Office management.