CMS & E-Commerce

A content management system (CMS) is an interface that allows users to publish content directly to the Web. The process of adding content pages directly to the Web is one step ahead of creating and uploading pages from a local machine because it allows a large number of people to add and share the data remotely.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the marketing, buying and selling of merchandise or services over the Internet. It encompasses the entire scope of online product and service sales from start to finish. E-commerce tools include computer platforms, applications, solutions, servers and various software formats manufactured by e-commerce service providers and purchased by merchants to increase online sales.

We develop custom CMS and E-commerce platforms, where off-the-shelf solutions don’t fit the business & capability. First, we analyze the business requirements and with all relevant stakeholders, teams and personnel that are involved. Project plan is created and the solution is implemented. Once completed, we integrate it, educate the personnel and provide long-term support and maintenance.